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Doctor Canus
07/12/2012, 18:39
A Chinese Tall Story (Avant Garde Limited Edition) (Hong Kong Version)

Formato de imagen: 16:9 anamorphic widescreen
Formato de sonido: DTS 96/24, DD 5.1
Subtítulos: Simplified Chinese , English , Traditional Chinese
País: HK
Tipo de estuche: Bolsa de cartón con digipak metido a su vez en funda de cartón.
Contenidos adicionales: bolsa de cartón, lobby cards que forman calendario... 3 postales y alfombrilla de ratón que se puede convertir en portafotos.
Dónde comprarla: Yesasia (http://global.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/code-c/section-videos/pid-1004113761/)

Limitada a 5000

Hong Kong film collectors will definitely want the Avant Garde Limited Edition of A Chinese Tall Story, limited to only 5000 sets worldwide! This edition features Dolby Digital 5.1 and 24-bit/96kHz DTS audio tracks for unparalleled high-definition audio, plus elegant collectible packaging and 12 mini character standees, which combine to form a 2006 calendar! A special mousepad is also included, which can be customized with 1 of the 3 included 3x5 photo inserts. This 2-disc set also features numerous extras, including 2 commentary tracks, trailers, deleted scenes, a photo gallery, a music video, cast and crew interviews, plus more. Furthermore, all extras feature English subtitles.


A loose adaptation of the classic novel "Journey to the West", A Chinese Tall Story updates the story of the Monkey King with a hot young cast, imaginative costume designs, and unbelievable visual effects. But the biggest change of all: the movie isn't really about the Monkey King! Instead it focuses on the Tang monk, Tripitaka (Nicholas Tse), who experiences his own adventure after his stalwart companions Piggy (Kenny Kwan, formerly of Boy'z), Sandy (Stephen Cheung of Boy'z), and Monkey King Sun Wukong (Wilson Chen) get taken hostage by an evil Tree Demon.

Tripitaka must fend for himself, and finds an unlikely companion in ugly lizard imp Meiyan (Charlene Choi), who instantly falls in love with the handsome, but chaste monk. Complicating matters are Tripitaka's own wavering faith, plus the appearance of white-garbed aliens (led by Fan Bing Bing), who may or may not be Tripitaka's allies. When Tripitaka decides that it's time to rescue his companions, will the aliens help him? And what of the newly-transformed Meiyan, who possesses powers unknown even to herself?

Director Jeff Lau is no stranger to the Monkey King legend, having directed 1995's A Chinese Odyssey starring Stephen Chow. The stirring score was provided by Joe Hisaishi, composer for the majority of Hayao Miyazaki's films, and the film also features appearances from EEG starlet Isabella Leong, and classic Chinese stars like Yuen Wah, Kara Hui (Wai Ying Hung), and Gordon Liu. Full of comedy, action, romance, and plenty of big-screen spectacle, A Chinese Tall Story is a worthy update of the Monkey King legend!